*UPDATE* Covid 19 fall-out is still slowing production times

2020 was a mess for the world and we are all feeling the impact from the mandated shut-downs.  Our lead times are still as still shaky as with work to find suppliers with inventory that they are willing to share and companies without the workforce to produce products.  The “supply and demand” effect is in full force right now. Low supply and high demand has caused vendors to raise their pricing to manufacturers and manufactures need to raise their costs to continue to provide a good product.

To show you how crazy the world is, the pandemic fallout has created civil unrest in several countries that produce needed ingredients for cleaners.  Add to that, the increased global demand for cleaners and the workforce shortage issues and it makes keeping a production schedule very challenging with constant delays that affect our deliver dates.

Thank you for your patience, hopefully this madness will end soon.

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