Oil Sponge Gold+ Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

The next generation of our Oil Sponge product line is the new Oil Sponge Gold+ absorbent.  A bio-remedial absorbent capable of absorbing ALL types of liquid spills quickly, efficiently and with less waste than traditional granular absorbents.  Oil Sponge Gold is comprised completely of inert materials, allowing it to quickly absorb virtually all liquid-based spills, not just fuel-based spills like Oil Sponge AB and AB+.


  • Absorbs “ALL” types of liquids including: hydrocarbon, chemical and water-based
  • Contains a proprietary active culture package to aid in the remediation of organic hydrocarbons
  • Absorbs up to 8 times more than clay products by volume and up to 24 times by weight
  • Provides a slip-free surface when used according to directions
  • Light weight and “free-flowing” for reduced labor, handling and response times to spills
  • Constructed from OMRI registered organic materials
  • Ideal for emergency response teams
  • Oil Sponge Gold is non-leaching up to saturation and is suitable for landfill acceptance


  • Fast- Absorbs ALL types of liquid spills on contact
  • Efficient- Quickly absorbs spills on contact, reducing “time on spill” labor and down-time
  • Cost Effective- Reduces spill related costs by up to 90% over clay-based absorbents
  • Reduces your Carbon Footprint- Our proprietary formula assists in the degradation of organic hydrocarbons like oil and gas
  • Safety- Greatly reduces the potential for “Slip and Fall” injuries


Super absorbency through Cross-Link Technology-

Oil Sponge Gold sets itself apart from other absorbents, with its Cross-Link Technology.  This technology allows liquids to be retained within the inter-laminar voids of the individual particles, effectively “locking-up” spills.

When it comes to really big spills, Oil Sponge Gold outperforms Oil Sponge AB and AB+ products.

  • Oil Sponge Gold solidifies¹ up to 2½ times more oil than Oil Sponge AB and AB+.
  • Oil Sponge Gold reduces solid waste disposal weight by up to 25% over Oil Sponge AB and AB+.

¹Oil Sponge Gold has a higher “liquid load capacity” than Oil Sponge AB and AB+, allowing it to absorb more liquids before turning the liquids into a solid form.

Additional Bio-Remedial Benefits of Oil Sponge Gold+

  • Contains an active culture and nutrient package to assist in the bio-remediation of organic hydrocarbon contaminated soils.
  • Mixing of Oil Sponge Gold into the soil increases the soil retention of water and air needed for superior microbial growth.
  • The cation exchange capacity (up to 1000 milliequivalents per kg) of Oil Sponge Gold provides an enhanced bio-available nutrient process for remediation sites.
  • Oil Sponge Gold will retain water for superior microbial growth during the soil remediation process.
  • Oil Sponge Gold acts as a soil conditioner when the native soil may be heavy or sticky from environmental spills.

What is Cation-Exchange Capacity (CEC) and why is it important to bio-remediation?

CEC affects many aspects of soil chemistry, and is used as a measure of soil fertility.  It indicates the capacity of the soil to retain key nutrients (e.g. K+, NH4+, Ca2+) in plant-available form, which is highly beneficial to the bio-remediation process.  Oil Sponge Gold retains pollutant cations like lead (e.g. Pb2+) which are not beneficial to soil health.

Oil Sponge Gold+ is great for:

Oil and Gas Industry – Military – MRO – Aviation – Emergency Response – Commercial – Industrial Transportation – Agriculture – Forestry – Remediation – Home – Farming

Part Numbers and Packaging Size:

  • Part# 84000: 1 cubic foot bag (approximate weight 13 pounds)



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