Parts Washer Tablets 5-Pack

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Microbial parts washer bio-tabs in a 5-pack container.


Parts Washer Tablets

Our newly re-formulated Bio-Driven Technology Parts Washer Tablets™ are a blend of 3 facultative anaerobic microbial cultures that are effective across a wide spectrum of substrates and continue enzyme production until almost all oil contaminants and other organic wastes are consumed. In addition to specific enzymes, the cultures create their own bio-surfactants to aid in emulsifying oils and fats.

Bio- Driven Technology Parts Washer Tabs are non-toxic, non-caustic, non-acidic, non-pathogenic (harmless to humans, pets & wildlife) and is biodegradable. Bio- Driven Technology Parts Washer Tabs are ideal for use with any Oil Sponge or Eliminator branded cleaning product and is very effective when used with Oil Sponge HD™ cleaner in a parts washer system. Bio- Driven Technology Parts Washer Tabs™ may also be used alone to remediate and control hydrocarbon levels in industrial and commercial settings.

Directions for use:

Parts Washer – Add one tablet to parts washer at initial charging and at each service cycle.

As a Super Charger – Can be added to any Oil Sponge™ or Eliminator™ branded cleaner for initial or additional microbial support.

Additional uses – Can be used in mop buckets, drain lines, oil water separators or anywhere unwanted oil and water flow.

Part number 10005

Packaging – 5 tablets per pack

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1 Gallon