Oil Sponge branded cleaners

Oil Sponge branded cleaners

Oil Sponge Cleaners 

Oil Sponge brand Cleaners are completely ”people safe”. They are NON-HAZARDOUS, NON-FLAMMABLE, NON-TOXIC, NON-EXPLOSIVE, NON-FUMING and NON-CAUSTIC. No emergency or first aid procedures are required except if splashed into eyes, then flush with water. No special equipment or protection devices are needed when using. Oil Sponge Cleaners does not require any special precautions for handling or storage.

* Oil Sponge is safe on plastics, fabrics, paints, leathers, metals, wood, glass, rubber and ceramics

* Oil Sponge Cleaners may be used on anything that is compatible with water.

* Oil Sponge may be used in hard, soft, or salt water and is ecologically safe.

* Oil Sponge contains no phosphates, nitrates, NTA, sulphates, sulphonates, caustics, chlorinated solvents or other known pollutants.

Oil Sponge Cleaners are readily biodegradable. Biodegradable means nothing by itself as all materials will eventually return to a natural state. The key is how soon or how long. When a substance biodegrades too quickly it becomes a “biostimulant” and as in the case of phosphates, becomes a pollutant called eutrophication, which is what happened to the Great Lakes.

When is a substance considered a hard chemical?  When that chemical biodegrades in excess of the optimum time of twenty-eight (28) days. DDT is an example of a hard chemical. Oil Sponge UC+ in its natural form has passed the Modified STURM Test, which is OECD 30m approved, achieving 67.54% of THCO (at 10 mg C/L) and 31.73% of THCO (at 20 mg CIL) within the 28 day test period. Additionally, Oil Sponge UC+ (diluted 50% with water) has passed the EPAl600/4-90/027 — USEPA EMSL protocol for aquatic toxicology using Pimephales promelas. NOTE: Only 3-5% of all products claiming the term biodegradable pass the Modified STURM Test.

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