Beware of the amazing “table top demo”

Beware of the amazing “table top demo”

Watch out for false claims of efficacy!  There are so many great technologies out there, which seem like they are the next great thing in absorbents.  However, as dramatic as the “table top” demonstration is, the reality of using it on a major spill is so ridiculous and costly.  Oil companies are not going to spend billions of dollars on some absorbent that can be re-used a 100 times.  Nor will they have the resources to deploy and/or recover this “super” absorbent.

Although there is some really cool technology out there for absorbing oil spills, a lot of these products are not readily available to the small maintenance shop or home user.

Think for just a moment of a material that bonds to oil and makes a solid mat, as one product does.  How are you going to deploy it, let alone recover a 300 yard long pad that is 100 yards wide and weighs 300 tons?  The answer is, you’re not!

Take the time to educate yourself on the practicality of using a product for your capabilities.  Give us a call and if we don’t have a technology that fits your need, we will gladly direct you to who we feel can best serve your needs.

Not all products work in the field, as good as their demo made you believe it would.

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