Oil Sponge- The Fastest Way to Absorb a Spill

Oil Sponge- The Fastest Way to Absorb a Spill

We always say that Oil Sponge is “The Fastest Way to Absorb a Spill” and we stand behind that.  Before we talk about Oil Sponge, we need to talk about the standard granular oil absorbents used in the MRO industry today (standard because it is cheap by money standards), commonly referred to as “kitty litter” because it looks like it, is not an ABSORBENT, but an ADSORBENT.  The difference is very important when selecting the right ABSORBENT for spill control.  ADSORBENTS use the surface area of the material to “adhere” the spill to the media.  What this means is that you are only using the outside surface of that response material to recover the spill.  That means that the entire interior of that media is not being used and contributes to the overall weight of the spill and increases your disposal costs greatly.

Let me paint you a picture of what I am speaking about when I say “ADSORBENT”.  Imagine that you have a five-gallon oil spill on you concrete, shop floor and all you have to recover that spill is a bunch on golf balls.  Golf balls ARE an ADSORBENT, because they will only gather the oil spill on the surface of the ball.  You can only imagine how many golf balls it would actually take to recover that spill.  This is exactly what is happening on a much smaller level when you use clay adsorbents.  The S.O.P. in the military, when using clay adsorbents, is to grind the stones (golf balls) into smaller stones (smaller golf balls) with your boot.  This process creates more surface area in which to adhere and recover the spill to the stone.  Bad news is, now you have to physically stand within the spill, which is not safe at all.

Oil Sponge AB and Oil Sponge AB+ are an ABSORBENT, because the spill is encapsulated within the fibers of the absorbent.  What this means is that you are using the entire absorbent material to recover the spill, reducing product, recovery and disposal costs.  And because Oil Sponge absorbents are constructed of a cotton, cellulose, material which is highly absorptive which means that you can recover that spill quickly and get back to more important things at hand.  Oil Sponge is The Fastest Way to Absorb a Spill.

Oil Sponge absorbents absorb more than 8 times more oil than clay-based absorbents.  This means that by switching to Oil Sponge from Clay-based absorbents-

-You can reduce your disposal costs by over 87%.

-You can reduce the volume of your absorbent inventory on hand.

-You can reduce your time responding and recovering the used absorbent.

-You can reduce your liability to your spills, including slip and falls, fires, environmental damage.

Below is what an oil spill looks like at an automotive dealership.  A technician had turned-off the alarm that signals when the used oil tank is full (because it kept making noise). Other technicians that did not know of this, kept pumping an estimated 700 gallons of used oil into the 500 gallon capacity tank, where it eventually over-flowed onto the floor.  You can see where the oil had over-flowed out of the large tank on the right hand side of the first picture.  This spill went undetected for a few days and when it was finally discovered, they only had one bag of clay absorbent on hand.  A quick call to us and 22 bags of Oil Sponge later, it was fully contained and ready for their “used oil recovery company” to pick-up.  It took approximately three hours to absorb the entire spill.  The used absorbent was placed back into the original “empty” bags, which is another great feature that Oil Sponge AB and AB+ have.  Our absorbent packaging material can easily hold 70 pounds of spent absorbent, further reducing your need for immediate recovery material. www.oilsponge.com




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