Cleaning your kitchen with active cultures!

Cleaning your kitchen with active cultures!

Restaurant Applications

Oil Sponge UC+ is an effective, efficient and economical general purpose cleaner for all types of restaurant cleaning jobs. It is safe to use in serving areas and as a dishwashing liquid. It is 100% rinsable, removing bacteria that can feed germs, mold and mildew.

Use Oil Sponge UC+ for cleaning walls, ceilings, grease tanks, drains, deep fryers, air filters and Gaylord hoods. A solution of 1 part Oil Sponge UC+ to 40 parts water will clean most heavy grease and oil filmed surfaces, dirty floors, etc. 1 part Oil Sponge UC+ to 100 parts water will clean windows, glassware, chandeliers, mirrors and decor.

Hood Vents

For cleaning washable hood vent filters, a solution of 1 part UC+ to 10 parts water makes an effective solution to soak your filters in.  Let soak for up to 3 hours before rinsing.  Dry thoroughly then reinstall.  It is important to not use your stove until you have replaced the filter(s).

A solution of 1 part Oil Sponge UC+ to 80 parts water sprayed on acoustical tile and allowed to drip on a catch cloth will remove nicotine accumulations. Spray with water to rinse using a light mist. Vinyl, plastic, plastic laminate, leather, wood, ceramic, fiberglass, ivory, chrome, concrete and many other surfaces that water will not damage may be cleaned with Oil Sponge UC+.

Mixtures will depend on the degree of soil and length of time it has been since thoroughly cleaned. Furniture, upholstery, carpets and fabrics may also be cleaned with our product. Spotting of table cloths, napkins, etc. may also be done with the concentrated Oil Sponge UC+ to prevent permanent stains.

Silver, brass and other ornamental objects may be soaked in a 1 part Oil Sponge UC+ to 5 part water solution to remove light tarnish, or prolonged soaking will remove and release most tarnish so that polishes may work even better and bring out higher luster.

Because this product is people safe, there is no need for special equipment, clothing, or protection in using it to clean.

Oil Sponge UC+ may be used for soaking utensils or flatware before washing, resulting in a renewed shine and brilliance to their surfaces. Two (2) ounces of Oil Sponge UC+ for each 5 gallons of water produces excellent results. Burned pots and pans may also be soaked in a solution of 1 part Oil Sponge UC+ to 50 parts water.  Oil Sponge UC+ is very effective in cleaning the exterior and interior of walk-in and reach-in reefers.

With the additional benefit of inhibiting, and in most cases, completely eliminating the formation of mildew, a dilution ratio of 20 parts water to 1 part Oil Sponge UC+ should be used in this instance, and also for cleaning and wiping down all stainless steel appliances and surfaces. Steam tables, stock pots and coffee makers likewise can be effectively cleaned at this dilution ratio, with no resulting scale in the steam tables, and with no remaining residue in coffee makers and other equipment so cleaned.

Ovens and Fryers

To clean ovens and fryers, best results are obtained by applying Oil Sponge UC+ full strength or at a dilution of 1:1 and heating the unit to a temperature of 200 to 300 degrees F. If possible, let stand overnight and rinse down the following day when convenient, using a stiff bristle brush, if necessary. Note: At temperatures above 120 degrees F. microbial action will cease. Cleaning properties of Oil Sponge UC+ will not be affected.

Oil Sponge UC+ is excellent for cleaning vents and hoods over kitchen ovens and ranges. Since it is completely non-flammable, the danger of grease fires resulting from inadequately cleaned vents, etc., is greatly reduced. In oven hoods having built in “detergent” or cleaning compound applicators, such as the Gaylord hoods, Oil Sponge UC+ is exceptionally effective and should be used 1: 1 with water in the reserve tank.

In such applications, Oil Sponge UC+ not only performs a superior cleaning job; but additionally- it will reduce kitchen odors, reduce a potential fire hazard and prevents the clogging and scaling of tubes, valves and pumps with the hood itself. Oil Sponge UC+ has proven useful in relieving clogged sewers and drains in numerous instances.  However, since conditions vary from one situation to another, results will likewise vary. It is recommended that light ratios’ of Oil Sponge UC+ to water be used initially, gradually increasing the ratio until satisfactory results are obtained, or until it becomes obvious that professional plumbing assistance is required.

Oil Sponge UC+ is an acceptable general cleaning agent for use with steam or mechanical cleaning devices in all departments of official establishments operating under the U.S. Federal meat, poultry, egg shell grading and egg products inspection program.

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