Oil Sponge UC+, the only household cleaner that you’ll ever need!

Oil Sponge UC+, the only household cleaner that you’ll ever need!

Oil Sponge UC+ cleaner is ideal for most home cleaning projects.  The “UC” stands for Universal Cleaner and the “+” means that we have added and active culture package to the formula, which aids in the digestion of unwanted oils, fat and grease that can often be found in household cleaning.  If you do not need such a concentrated cleaner as the Oil Sponge UC+, we have a lower concentrated Eliminator Bio-Driven Formula cleaner with a lower price point.  Our active culture cleaners require no additional mixing and simply dilute with water to your required cleaning strength.  For 25 years we have sold this product for industrial cleaning and now it is available for the home user.  There is simply no other cleaning product like this on the market today!

Household Use

Oil Sponge UC+, a non-polluting concentrated industrial strength cleaner, is ideal for use in the home. Oil Sponge UC+ cleans anything washable with water. Because of its unique formulation, it works equally well in hard, soft, or even salt water. It is readily biodegradable. Oil Sponge UC+ contains no phosphates, nitrates, sulphonates, sulphates, caustics or any known pollutants. It is ecologically safe, people safe and environmentally safe.


Oil Sponge UC+ must be diluted with water as water is not only and excellent solvent, but suspends the removed soils and prevents them from reattaching to the cleaned surface. Directions may state “Mix 1 part Oil Sponge UC+ to 40 parts water”. This simply means that I cap-ful or 1 cup of Oil Sponge UC+ must be added to 40 cap-fuls or 40 cups of water.


Spray, brush or mop Oil Sponge UC+ on any washable surface. Then rinse with water or just wipe off.

General All-Purpose Use

The concentration of Oil Sponge UC+ may be varied to fit the job. In its concentrated form, Oil Sponge UC+ is safe on most surfaces or it can be diluted with water by as much as 1 part Oil Sponge UC+ to 100 parts water. To determine the best mixture for a particular job, start with a mild concentration and gradually increase the strength until the desired results are obtained. The following is a partial list of items and dilution ratios that can be cleaned with Oil Sponge UC+.

Heavy-Duty Cleaning

Mix 1 part Oil Sponge UC+ to 5 parts water for: showers, bathtubs, stove, filters, hoods, burner trays, garage floors, driveways, lawn mowers, edger’s, tools, fireplace and screen.

Medium-Duty Cleaning

Mix 1 part Oil Sponge UC+ to 20 parts water for: walls, woodwork, kitchen appliances, bamboo, plastic, leather furniture, stainless steel, aluminum, ceramics, office equipment, bowling balls, shoes, golf bags, golf clubs, balls, etc.

Light-Duty Cleaning

Mix 1 part Oil Sponge UC+ to 40 parts water for: tile walls, floors, counter tops, painted surfaces, cupboards, metal furniture, tables, chairs, jewelry, combs, brushes, hair rollers, book covers, etc.


Add 4 to 6 ounces of Oil Sponge UC+ to each washing machine load. Note: Heavy stains such as blood, grease; grass and food should be pre-treated with concentrated Oil Sponge UC+ prior to placing in the machine. Or, Oil Sponge UC+ may be added to the soak water before washing.

Dish Washing:

Use UC+ (un-diluted) to replace conventional liquid dishwashing soaps.

Add 1 oz. of Oil Sponge UC+ to wash water, rinse dishes under hot water and let dry. Due to the microbial action of Oil Sponge UC+ regular use will help reduce clogging of kitchen drains. Note: About 1/4 ounce of Oil Sponge UC+ to the load in an automatic dishwasher will act as a wetting agent and do an excellent job of cleaning. Too much will cause sudsing.

Windows, Glass Doors

1 part Oil Sponge UC+ to 300 parts water.


To remove coffee, tea, soda, food and grease stains, prepare a solution of 1 part Oil Sponge UC+ to 80 parts water. Apply to stained area and rub with a brush dipped in a small amount of water. Brush stained area and blend solution out into a large area. To remove gum, pour a small amount of Oil Sponge UC+ full strength onto the gum. Let it remain for about an hour, then lift gum up.

Note: Care should be taken to use the proper strength for carpets. Too strong a solution may stay in the carpet since it cannot be rinsed and continue to clean even the bottom of people’s shoes.

Wax Removal

Mix 1 part Oil Sponge UC+ to 10 parts water. Spread solution over waxed floor and let it work for 10 to 20 minutes. No need to scrub. Then rinse and let dry. Note: Oil Sponge UC+ will not remove acrylic waxes.


Use a 1 to 10 or stronger solution of Oil Sponge UC+ and scrub to remove mildew on painted surfaces, tile, etc. Either wipe off or rinse with water.

For Cars

Exterior Cleaning: Mix l part Oil Sponge UC to 80 parts water.

Engine Cleaning: Warm engine first by running up to 5 minutes. Mix.1 part Oil Sponge HD to 5 parts water. Allow to remain on engine for minimum of 2-3 minutes; then rinse with water.  Some mechanical agitation may be required for tougher baked on oil and grease.

White Wall Tires: Mix 1 part Oil Sponge UC+ to 5 parts water. Brush on, allow to sit for 3 minutes before agitating with brush; then rinse.

Hand Cleaner: Oil Sponge UC+ full strength.

For Boats

Engines, Hulls, Engine Cowling, Oil & Gas Stains: Mix 1 part Oil Sponge UC+ to 5 parts water.

General Cleaning: Mix 1 part Oil Sponge UC+ to 40 parts water.

Boat Bilges: Mix 1 part Oil Sponge UC+ to 100 parts water. The roll of the boat will clean and emulsify oil so that it may be pumped out without an “oil spill” effect.

For Concrete: For greasy driveways and garage floors, mix 1 part Oil Sponge UC+ with 1 part water.

Brush onto surface with garage broom. Allow to sit for approximately 1 hour and then agitate and rinse. For normal cleaning use 1 part Oil Sponge UC+ to 5 parts water brushed onto surface, then rinse.

 For Black Water Tanks in RV’s

Add 1-gallon of UC+ for every 100 gallons of black water to help keep the holding tank clean and reduce odors

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