The Next Generation of Absorbents

The Next Generation of Absorbents

NEXGEN, Our Next Generation of Absorbents

For the last 25 years, Oil Sponge has been the pinnacle of oil absorbent technology. Often imitated but never duplicated, Oil Sponge has outperformed every other granular absorbent on the market today. Now, 25 years later Phase III has developed a new line of loose absorbents.

Phase III is proud to introduce our NEXGEN Rapid Response Absorbent, which we will be releasing in early 2019. For the past year, Phase III has been testing and fine-tuning the development of our line of NEXGEN absorbents.

Our NEXGEN product line will feature several absorbent technology options for clients with different wants, needs, requirements and budgets.  These include our NEXGEN Rapid Response absorbent, NEXGEN Universal Absorbent and the microbial-based Oil Sponge Gold.

  • NEXGEN Rapid Response is a budget conscious absorbent for recovering incidental spills..
  • NEXGEN Universal Absorbent is designed for absorbing spills, where environmental impact is not a primary concern.
  • Oil Sponge Gold features an improved microbial and nutrient package for treating hydrocarbon spills into the environment.

Technology for a Better World℠

NEXGEN Rapid Response absorbent is capable of absorbing liquid spills quickly, effectively and with less waste than traditional granular absorbents.   The high absorbent capacity of Rapid Response resides within the micro-layers of the absorbent material, providing enhanced surface adhesion of liquids.  Because Rapid Response is comprised of inert minerals, it will safely absorb all liquids* including oils, fuels, chemicals, acids, water and water-based spills. 


  • Absorbs spills on contact
  • Absorbs up to 8 times more than clay products
  • Absorbs most all liquids* including highly corrosive and caustic liquids
  • Provides for a slip-free surface
  • Light weight for reduced labor, handling and response times for spills
  • Extremely low dusting formula
  • Constructed from OMRI registered organic materials
  • Will absorb water/oil/acid mixtures quickly and effectively
  • Ideal for emergency response teams
  • Non-leaching up to saturation
  • Passes EPA Paint Filter/TCLP testing


  • Fast- Absorbs ALL types of liquid spills on contact
  • Efficient- Absorbs up to 6 times its own weight in liquid
  • Cost Effective- Reduces spill related costs by up to 90%.
  • Safety- Reduces the volatility of spills and the potential for “Slip and Fall” injuries

Ideal for:

Oil and Gas Industry – Military – MRO – Aviation – Emergency Response – Commercial – Industrial – Transportation – Agriculture – Municipalities – Forestry – Home – Farming  

*Not for use with ammonium bifluoride and hydrofluoric acids.

NEXGEN Rapid Response will initially be available in limited quantities as we scale for production. If you would like to order Rapid Response Absorbent or to know more about or NEXGEN line of absorbents, please contact us at

Part Numbers

Part# NG10001: 1 cubic foot bag (approximate weight 13 pounds)

Part# NG10080: 80 cuic foot bulk bag

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