Oil Sponge Gold

Oil Sponge Gold

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Phase III is proud to announce its Next Generation of bio-remedial absorbents, Oil Sponge Gold. After a year of demanding development, Phase III is proud to introduce the most advanced oil absorbent on the market today.

Oil Sponge Gold is a bio-remedial absorbent capable of absorbing “ALL” types of liquid spills quickly, effectively and with less waste than traditional granular absorbents.   The high absorbent capacity of Oil Sponge Gold resides within our proprietary Cross-Link technology.  Because Oil Sponge Gold is comprised of inert minerals and organic ingredients, it will absorb all liquids including oils, fuels, chemicals, acids, water and water-based spills.

Oil Sponge Gold was designed to meet the high absorbency demands of the oil and gas industry, as well as anyone responding to or treating spills in the environment. We have addressed the top two requests by our customers, weight and transportation. Oil Sponge Gold is half the weight by volume, when compared to Oil Sponge AB or AB+. This makes for a product that is less physically demanding to carry and deploy.

When it comes to transportation concerns, Oil Sponge Gold will reduce your “pallet rate” transportation costs. You can also ship twice as much Oil Sponge Gold via full ocean container or full truckload service. Although the Oil Sponge Gold is half the weight of our Oil Sponge AB products, it does not blow-away in moderate winds and once it has absorbed liquids, does not move at all.


  • Absorbs spills on contact
  • Contains  a proprietary hydrocarbon degrading, active culture and nutrient package
  • Absorbs up to 8 times more than clay products
  • Absorbs “All liquids*” including highly corrosive and caustic liquids
  • Provides for a slip-free surface
  • Light weight for reduced labor, handling and response times for spills
  • Extremely low dusting formula
  • Constructed from OMRI registered organic materials
  • Will absorb water/oil/acid mixtures quickly and effectively
  • Ideal for emergency response teams
  • Non-leaching up to saturation
  • Passes EPA Paint Filter/TCLP testing

*Not for use with ammonium bifluoride and hydrofluoric acids.


  • Fast- Absorbs ALL types of liquid spills on contact
  • Efficient- Absorbs up to 6 times its own weight in liquid
  • Cost Effective- Reduces spill related costs by up to 90%.
  • Reduces your Carbon Footprint- Our proprietary formula assists in the degradation of non-synthetic hydrocarbons
  • Safety- Reduces the volatility of spills and the potential for “Slip and Fall” injuries
  • Lightweight for ease-of-use and reduced transportation charges

Ideal for:

Oil and Gas Industry – Military – MRO – Manufacturing – Aviation – Emergency Response – Commercial – Industrial – Transportation – Street and Highway Departments – Agriculture – Forestry – Remediation – Home – Farming   

NEXGEN’s Cross-Link Technology-

Oil Sponge Gold sets itself apart from other absorbents, by our proprietary Cross-Link Technology.  This new, absorbent technology, allows the absorbent atoms to be more effective by creating a “bridge” between particles, increasing absorbency and helping to “lock-up” spills.

When it comes to big spills, Oil Sponge Gold outperforms our exceptional absorbent, Oil Sponge AB and AB+ products.

  • Solidifies up to 2½ times more oil
  • Reduces solid waste disposal weight by up to 25%
  • More effectively suppresses spill related vapors and odors

Bio-Remedial Benefits of Oil Sponge Gold:

  • Contains an active culture and nutrient package to assist in the bio-remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils.
  • Mixing of Oil Sponge Gold into the soil helps retain the water and air needed for superior microbial growth.
  • The Cation-Exchange Capacity (up to 1000 milliequivalents per kg) of Oil Sponge Gold provides an enhanced bio-available nutrient process for remediation sites.
  • Oil Sponge Gold will retain water for superior microbial growth during the remediation process.
  • Oil Sponge Gold acts as a soil conditioner where the native ground may be heavy or sticky from environmental spills. 

What is Cation-Exchange Capacity (CEC) and why is it important to bio-remediation?

For spills into the environment, the Cation-Exchange Capacity of Oil Sponge Gold is an important feature that other absorbents don’t have.  CEC is a measure of how many cations can be retained on soil particle surfaces. The Negative charges on the surfaces of Oil Sponge Gold particles, bind positively-charged atoms (cations), but allow to exchange with other positively charged particles in the surrounding soil-water. This is one of the ways that Oil Sponge Gold can alter the chemistry of the soil. CEC affects many aspects of soil chemistry and is used as a measure of soil fertility. It indicates the capacity of the soil to retain several nutrients like potassium, nitrogen and calcium in plant-available form. It also indicates the capacity to retain pollutant cations like lead.


We are still in the process of determining the best packaging options for Oil Sponge Gold, but the most likely sizes will be a one gallon container, a 1-1.5 cubic foot bag weighing 10-13 pounds, and a 60-cubic foot bag weighing 600 pounds.

For more information:

Please contact us sales@phaseiii.com or call us at 1-480-503-2847

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