Oil Sponge Basic is here!

Phase III is proud to introduce our low cost, high capacity absorbent, Oil Sponge Basic. The primary function of Oil Sponge Basic, is oil absorbency. We listened to requests from customers asking for a more competitively priced “BASIC” absorbent and we delivered.

Oil Sponge Basic is designed for outdoor use, where dust particles are not a determining factor for use. Oil Sponge Basic does not feature any dust reduction ingredients or the addition of a bacteria and nutrient package.

Our Sponge Basic low price point makes it a better value than other similar products on the market.

Features of Oil Sponge Basic:

  • Absorbs up to 8 times more than clay-based absorbents
  • Manufactured from a 100% reclaimed, OMRI certified, renewable, material
  • Ideal for Maintenance, Repair and Operation technicians
  • Absorbs most hydrocarbon-based spills
  • Absorbs oil spills on contact

If you are familiar with and like products like Oil Gator, then you will like Oil Sponge Basic. It has all of the qualities and benefits of Oil Gator, but comes in a rough-duty bag. Oil Sponge Basic made in America and sold by an American company!

Oil Sponge Basic can be private labeled in a plain white bag. Each bag contains 1-cubic foot of absorbent material.

For the last 25 years Oil Sponge has been a trusted name in the oil absorbent industry, providing “real” bio-remedial products to clean, treat and dispose of hydrocarbon contamination. When you buy an absorbent, don’t be mislead by claims of “indigenous bacteria” or products endorsements by environmental programs that were shut-down 20-years ago,

Contact us today to find out more about Oil Sponge Basic absorbent.

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