Captain Jack’s Cat Litter

Captain Jack’s Cat Litter

Captain Jack’s Cat Litter is the most advanced cat litter today! Captain Jack’s 14-Day Cat Litter absorbs and metabolically destroys the ammonia odor causing chemicals found in your cat’s urine. 

Unlike regular cat litters that use fragrances and odor reducing additives that only mask the odor, Captain Jack’s 14-Day Cat Litter actually destroys the ammonia odor causing chemicals in your cat’s urine through a process called “bio-remediation”.

Captain Jack’s Cat Litter is so revolutionary, that it received US Patent No. 8,945,905 B2, for its unparalleled odor eliminating technology.  Captain Jack’s 14-Day Cat Litter will make your home, smell like a home again.


  • Captain Jack’s Cat Litter is easy-to-use– Simply pour-in and manage the clumps as needed
  • Remedial Properties– Active cultures physically degrade the harmful chemicals found in your cats urine
  • Family Health– Your pet and family will stay healthier without the ammonia odor present
  • Ultra-lightweight– Only 3 pounds of Captain Jack’s is needed per litter box!
  • Scoopable– Clumps easily, cleanly and without any mess.
  • Cost effective– No need for full litter changes, just maintain and top-off with fresh Captain Jack’s 14-Day Cat Litter.
  • Low-dusting– Helps to keep your home clean.
  • Low-tracking– The lightweight design of Captain Jack’s 14-Day Cat Litter reduces the associated tracking issues found with other litters.
  • Cushioned media– Captain Jack’s 14-Day Cat Litter is ideal for older cats with sensitive paws.
  • Safe– Manufactured from certified, 100% OMRI bio-organic materials and does not contain harmful dust, that is commonly associated with traditional clay-based cat litters.

Modern Cat Litter technology

For the last 10-15 years the cat litter industry has become the same old story, retold a hundred different ways.  Marketing executives for the big cat litter companies keep changing around the marketing words and phrases, to effect that their litter is somehow different and better.  Things like new absorbent material, new fragrances, advanced odor reducers, light weight or a new picture of a cat on the bag, make an old product seem new and perceived as better.

But is the product really new?  Is it really better?  Take a look at what the modern day kitty litter really is?  The basis of most cat litters on the market today are just clay minerals, which have been super dehydrated, so it likes to absorb water. 

They also contain the second most important ingredient to the pet owner, fragrance.  In smaller concentrations they may also add some other ingredients to help neutralize the acidic nature of cat urine or to make the clay “clump together”.

Other litter manufacturers will use waste products like corn cob, shell, wood or paper pulp to make their litters.  I am not one to talk badly about another product and if you are happy with your current litter, I would continue to buy it.

I say this confidently, because I know how important brand loyalty is.  It is also important to not degrade the consumer for their purchasing decisions.  I prefer to speak to the efficacy and advantages of our product and avoid the mud-slinging as it were.

Understanding what cat urine made of

Before we go into the details as to why Captain Jack’s 14-Day Cat Litter is so good, we need to better understand what cat urine is composed of. Cat urine is made up of different chemicals like urea, uric acid, creatinine and even the presence of some electrolytes. Cat urine contains other waste chemicals as well as bilirubin, ketones, nitrates, and leukocytes.

The most prevalent, Urea (CH4N2O) a nitrogenous waste, which is highly concentrated in the urine of cats. When urea is broken down, it will produce amines that contain the ammonia group (NH4). The amines will further break down into mercaptans, the same molecule found in skunk spray and other animal feces. This shows us that cat urine is primarily ammonia based. This is the reason you always tend to get a mild, lingering smell of ammonia from cat urine. Urea is slowly hydrolized in water back into ammonia, so old urine stincks with (among other things) ammonia.

Now that we have cleared that up, it becomes clear that there are many chemicals involved in cat urine.  All of which are responsible for the odors that comes with owning a cat in one form or another.  The biggest complaint from cat owners seem to be the ammonia odor

The ammonia-like odor emanating from the litter box does not arise from urea itself. Rather, the urea is hydrolyzed to carbon dioxide and ammonia. Ammonia is very dangerous to inhale, for you and your pets.

Another issue that is associated with the ammonia, but is completely different is uric acid.  Uric acid is a non-soluble acid that is also left behind.  As the urea dries from its exposure to oxygen, uric acid is left behind and so is its odor.  When the uric acid is rehydrated from another visit to the litter box, it continues to build-up in strength and odor.  You mostly encounter it when you do a total litter box change.  It’s the smelly residue often found on the bottom of the cat pan.

Looking back on the ingredients of the average cat litter, is there any mention of an ingredient that physically destroys the urea chemical?  No, there isn’t.  There are only things to absorbent urine and hide odors.  Masking the odor is an art in itself, but eventually even it will fail.

When entering a home of a person that owns a cat, you generally can tell two things.  One; they just changed the cat litter or two; they need to change the cat litter.  If you really want to know if your litter box smells, go outside for 10-15 minutes and then come back in.

Constant exposure to any smell deadens the sensory receptors in the nose to that smell.  Going outside for a while and coming back in allows your nasal receptors reset.

Why Captain Jack’s Cat Litter is so good.

Research has shown that the most important issues for cat owners, other than pet health, is odor control. Today’s cat litters are not so much about odor “control”, as they are about odor “masking” or hiding the odor behind other smells.

Just because you can’t smell the ammonia, doesn’t mean that the chemical isn’t there. It’s kind of like that old saying- “You can’t see the forest for the trees”. In cat owners terms- “you can’t smell the ammonia, for the litter fragrance”. Trust me, the trees and the ammonia causing chemicals are there, they’re just hidden from your immediate smell.

  • First- Captain Jack’s encapsulates the urine in a three-dimensional structure. Where, any ammonia gas that might be formed from the breakdown of urea, is entrained and cannot escape to the ambient environment.
  • Second- Captain Jack’s active culture package physically degrades the urea chemical in the urine. This removes the possibility of ammonia odors developing.
  • Third- Calcium carbonate neutralizes uric acid to provide a better pH balanced environment. This helps the active culture package degrade the urea faster.

Captain Jack’s 14-Day Cat Litter does what no other litter can, it destroys the odor causing chemicals. This is why our litter is so effective and lasts so long. Captain Jack’s 14-Day Cat Litter is the last litter that you will ever buy for you feline friend.

About Phase III, Inc.

Phase III is the leader in microbial-based cleaners and absorbents. For 25 years, we have been at the front of green technology to clean, treat and dispose of oil, fats, grease and fuels. It was not a far stretch to apply our technology to absorbing and treating animal waste.

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