Our new Oil Sponge Gold is coming soon!

Since 1993, Oil Sponge AB+ has been the “go to” product for absorbing and treating fuel-based spills into the environment.  Today, 28 years later, we are proud to introduce our new mineral-based, Oil Sponge “Gold+” Premium absorbent.  We have been working on this new absorbent for over two years, making sure that it meets and/or exceeds the standards of our Oil Sponge AB+ absorbent.

For many years our customers have expressed to us, the need for an absorbent that will absorb spills other than hydrocarbon-based.  Spills where there may be several types of liquids mixed together, such as oil, gas and water, thus eliminating the need to respond with multiple absorbent for one spill.  Oil Sponge Gold fulfills this request with the ability to absorb nearly any type of liquid spill whether separate or mixed together.  Because Oil Sponge Gold is constructed from a mineral and not cellulose, it can be used on high and low pH spills.  Oil Sponge Gold is also free flowing which means it can be deployed on a spill very quickly, reducing additional harm to the environment.

Oil Sponge Gold provides more benefits when used in bio-remediation projects.  Its ability to absorb and retain oil and water, provide increased aeration, reduce soil compaction, soil filtration through the CEC effect and lightweight construction, all make Oil Sponge Gold a great choice for any remediation project.

During the month of September, 2021, we will be transitioning from our remaining inventory of Oil Sponge AB+ to our new Oil Sponge Gold+ product.  We will have a limited amount of Oil Sponge AB+ available and we cannot guarantee any future orders placed.  Please contact us for a free sample of the Oil Sponge Gold+ or ask for a free bag on your next pallet order.  Please see the attached comparison of the Gold+ and AB+.  For those looking for Oil Sponge AB, we will have a “new” Oil Sponge GP (General Purpose) available.

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