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For over 26 years, our Oil Sponge brand has been the leader in bio-remedial cleaners and absorbent around the world. Our clients range from the local service station, to major industrial users, to government agencies such as the Department of Energy, United States Navy, United Nations, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Our mission is to help corporations, municipalities and government agencies find environmentally responsible solutions to problems challenging them today. Our products have proven to be a cost effective method to clean, contain, absorb, remediate and dispose of oils, fuels and other hazardous materials. Finding the right solution is just the beginning; our professional sales team will work with you to make sure that you are receiving the highest quality service and care.


One of the biggest issues facing the cleaning industry today is “green” cleaners. With so many green cleaners on the market today, the choices are endless. But there is one thing to remember; most “green” cleaners are only “green” in the bottle. What happens when that cleaner comes in contact with oil, grease or fat? They become “non-green” cleaners. They simply become an extension of the spill where the user continues to wash that issue down a sink or drain, effectively moving it into the environment for others to deal with.

Our core focus is in reducing the environmental impact and increasing the efficiency of your system. Our line of Oil Sponge cleaners are fully bio-compatible, meaning they will not affect any bio-systems that you may have in place. Our “Plus” (+) products contain an active culture package that digests oil, grease and fats downstream, significantly reducing environmental impact to the environment, we call this the Go Clean System.

The same issue applies for oil spills contained with absorbents. Absorb the spill with an efficient absorbent and then move it into a land fill for future generations to deal with. Our Oil Sponge Plus absorbent tackles this tough issue by using Class-1, ATCC certified microbes that help digest the oils and fuels it absorbs. Some absorbents claim to contain “indigenous microbes” or some other type of “microbial product”, we guarantee it. No need to add extra soil to your spill, our microbial package is already on-board.

It’s not about chanting “GREEN” it’s about being “CLEAN”. Reduce costs, increase efficiency, protect the environment and save money along the way, that’s the Go Clean System. Our bio-technology is here today but it’s designed for our future.


Want to get going on your clean system today? With over 40 years of combined sales experience, our customer service and technical team is more than capable of handling any issues that you may have. Feel free to contact us today with any questions or orders that you may have.