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APEX Artificial Grass Cleaner

APEX Artificial Grass Cleaner

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Introducing APEX APEX Artificial Grass Cleaner, a revolutionary cleaning solution for artificial grass surfaces. Our innovative soap goes beyond traditional cleaning methods by harnessing the power of active cultures that help to degrade animal urea and waste bi-products left on, in and under your turf. Unlike regular soaps and detergents that just redistribute animal waste materials to other parts of your lawn when cleaning, APEX's unique formula provides exceptional cleaning performance and helps reduce the odors and waste chemicals left behind by your pet.

The active cultures found in APEX Artificial Grass Cleaner work harmoniously to organically break down and neutralize contaminants, ensuring a thorough and eco-friendly cleaning process. With APEX Artificial Grass Cleaner, your landscape maintenance routine becomes a testament to cutting-edge green cleaning, where efficacy meets environmental responsibility.

The APEX Artificial Turf Cleaner also smells amazing with a natural grass fragrance that makes it feel like you just cut your lawn!

APEX Artificial Grass Cleaner can easily be applied by using a hose end sprayer found at any DIY store. 10 ounces usually treats 1,000sf of Artificial Grass Cleaner. Very dirty and heavily soiled areas may require more product.

The APEX Artificial Turf Cleaner can be used on any water tolerable surface making it ideal to wash you patio, walls, driveways, etc.

APEX Artificial Turf Cleaner is also ideal for washing and cleaning animal trailers and enclosures.


For customers interested in arranging bulk or pallet orders, please contact us directly at 480.503.2847. Our team is ready to assist you with customized solutions and pricing to meet your needs.

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