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Oil Sponge GOLD+

Oil Sponge GOLD+

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Oil Sponge Gold+ is not just an absorbent material; it's a revolution in environmental cleanup. Crafted from organic minerals and fortified with a specialized blend of bacteria, this innovative solution takes oil spill cleanup to new heights. Imagine a material that not only efficiently absorbs oil spills but also actively participates in environmental remediation.

The organic minerals in Oil Sponge Gold+ form a highly absorbent matrix, creating a powerful tool for tackling oil spills. What sets it apart is the potent bacterial consortium embedded within. This dynamic synergy doesn't just absorb oil; it kickstarts a natural bio-remediation process. As it absorbs oil, the specialized bacteria go to work, breaking down contaminants into harmless byproducts. It's like nature's own cleanup crew in action.

Oil Sponge Gold+ isn't just a product; it's a commitment to sustainability. This golden standard in eco-friendly oil spill cleanup and environmental restoration showcases a dedication to minimizing the impact on the planet. By actively participating in the restoration process, it goes beyond mere cleanup – it contributes to the healing of the environment.

In a world where environmental concerns are paramount, Oil Sponge Gold+ stands out as a beacon of eco-friendly innovation. It's more than a cleanup solution; it's a step towards a healthier, more sustainable planet. Choose Oil Sponge Gold+ and be part of the golden standard in environmental responsibility.


  • Absorbs ALL types of liquids including: hydrocarbon, chemical and water-based
  • Absorbs up to 8 times more than clay products by volume and up to 24 times by weight
  • Provides a slip-free surface when used according to directions
  • Contains a proprietary active culture package to aid in the remediation of organic hydrocarbons
  • Contains 2 times more active cultures than Oil Sponge AB+ for enhanced remediation
  • Light weight (+/- 6.2 pounds per cubic foot) and “free-flowing” for reduced labor, handling and response times to spills
  • Oil Sponge Gold is non-leaching up to saturation and is suitable for landfill acceptance
  • Constructed from OMRI registered organic materials


  • Fast - Absorbs ALL types of liquid spills on contact
  • Efficient - Quickly absorbs spills on contact, reducing “time on spill” labor and down-time
  • Cost Effective - Reduces spill related costs by up to 90% over clay-based absorbents
  • Reduces your Carbon Footprint - Our proprietary formula assists in the degradation of organic hydrocarbons like oil and fuels
  • Safety - Greatly reduces the potential for “Slip and Fall” injuries

Cross-Link Technology

Oil Sponge Gold sets itself apart from other absorbents, with its Cross-Link Technology. This technology allows liquids to be retained within the inter-laminar voids of the individual particles, effectively “locking-up” spills.

When it comes to really big spills, Oil Sponge Gold outperforms Oil Sponge AB and AB+ products.

  • Oil Sponge Gold solidifies¹ up to 2½ times more oil than Oil Sponge AB and AB+.
  • Oil Sponge Gold reduces solid waste disposal weight by up to 25% over Oil Sponge AB and AB+.

Bio-Remedial Benefits of Oil Sponge Gold

  • Contains 2 times more active cultures than Oil Sponge AB+ to better assist in the bio-remediation of organic hydrocarbon contaminated soils.
  • Mixing of Oil Sponge Gold into the soil increases the soil retention of water and air needed for superior microbial growth and superior remedial results.
  • The cation exchange capacity (up to 1000 milliequivalents per kg) of Oil Sponge Gold provides an enhanced bio-available nutrient process for remediation sites.
  • Oil Sponge Gold will retain water for superior microbial growth during the soil remediation process.
  • Oil Sponge Gold acts as a soil conditioner when the native soil may be heavy or sticky from environmental spills.

What is Cation-Exchange Capacity (CEC) and why is it important to bio-remediation?

CEC affects many aspects of soil chemistry, and is used as a measure of soil fertility. It indicates the capacity of the soil to retain key nutrients (e.g. K+, NH4+, Ca2+) in plant-available form, which is highly beneficial to the bio-remediation process. Oil Sponge Gold retains pollutant cations like lead (e.g. Pb2+) which are not beneficial to soil health.

**NOTE- Due to a national paper shortage, Oil Sponge Gold+ will be sold in 1-cubic foot plastic packaging until our vendors supply lines are reestablished.

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