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APEX Dish Soap

APEX Dish Soap

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Introducing APEX Dish Soap, where cutting-edge green cleaning meets the heart of your home. Our groundbreaking dish soap goes beyond the ordinary by incorporating advanced technology with active cultures to effectively degrade oil, fat, and grease not only on your dishes but also within your drain line system. APEX Dish Soap ensures a thorough and eco-friendly cleanliness, minimizing the environmental impact associated with conventional cleaning agents. The active cultures work tirelessly to break down contaminants, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable kitchen. With APEX, you not only achieve sparkling dishes but also play a role in fostering a greener, healthier home environment.

For hand washing, apply directly to a sponge or use 2-3 ounces of APEX Dish Soap per 2-gallons of warm water to soak or hand wash your dishes. Apex Dish Soap is low foaming which makes it ideal for dishwashers and you only need to use one (1) ounce per load of dishes.

If your home operates on a septic system, using the APEX Dish Soap will continuously add beneficial bacteria and enzymes to your septic system to help clean and reduce the amount of solids in you system, reducing system maintenance. The bacteria will aid in reducing the rotten egg smell that often comes from old drain line water.

APEX Dish Soap provides excellent water sheeting which means that addition products are not needed to reduce soap and calcium spotting on glassware and utensils.

The APEX Dish Soap formula has been used in the industrial sector and sold around the world since 1994. APEX Dish Soap is the only bio-remedial dish soap on the market. Our bio-remedial technology also means that the APEX Dish Soap is safe for the environment!


For customers interested in arranging bulk or pallet orders, please contact us directly at 480.503.2847. Our team is ready to assist you with customized solutions and pricing to meet your needs.

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