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APEX Laundry Soap

APEX Laundry Soap

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Introducing APEX Laundry Soap, a revolutionary cleaning solution at the forefront of green technology. Our innovative soap goes beyond traditional cleaning methods by harnessing the power of active cultures to degrade oil, fat, and grease within your washing system. APEX's unique formula not only provides exceptional cleaning performance but also actively contributes to environmental sustainability. The active cultures work harmoniously to break down and neutralize contaminants, ensuring a thorough and eco-friendly cleaning process. With APEX Laundry Soap, your laundry routine becomes a testament to cutting-edge green cleaning, where efficacy meets environmental responsibility. Experience a new level of cleanliness that cares for your fabrics and the planet alike.

The APEX Laundry Soap is the only laundry soap on the market with an active culture package that aids in the remediation of oil, fat, grease and digestive waste particles left behind or sent down the drain line with the grey water. These active culture use the waste material as a food source and through a biological process converts the waste material to carbon dioxide and water.

If your home operates on a septic system, using the APEX Laundry Soap will continuously add beneficial bacteria to your septic system to help clean and reduce the amount of solids in you system, reducing system maintenance.

128 loads per bottle! 1 ounce of APEX Laundry Soap per load of laundry is all that you need for the average load, no more than 2 ounces should ever be used! This means for an average was cycle, you are only paying $0.27 per load, far below the top competitors performance. Most competitors want you to use between 1 and 5 ounces per load increasing the realized cost per load.

Most leading detergents on the market contain 40-60 ingredients, including thickeners, solvents and other harsh chemicals which damage your clothes over time. Apex uses 2 ecofriendly cleaning ingredients plus water, active cultures dye and fragrance.

We don't add enzymes to our product! Most detergent manufactures add weak and less effective enzymes to their soap formula to assist in soil removal. The active cultures in APEX Laundry Soap continually produce millions of naturally occurring and highly efficient enzymes throughout the wash cycles ensuring better soil and stain removal.

The APEX Laundry Soap formula has been used in the industrial sector and sold around the world since 1994. APEX Laundry Soap is the only bio-remedial laundry soap on the market. Our bio-remedial technology also means that the APEX Laundry Soap is safe for the environment!

APEX Laundry Soap can also be used to pretreat stains. Simply fill a container (large enough to hold the garment) with warm water. Apply some APEX to the affected area, work in to the fabric, and submerge in the warm water.

APEX Laundry Soap is safe on all fabrics and can be used with bleach.

APEX Laundry Soap is compatible with all HE (High Efficiency) washing machines.


For customers interested in arranging bulk or pallet orders, please contact us directly at 480.503.2847. Our team is ready to assist you with customized solutions and pricing to meet your needs.

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