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APEX Septic System Treatment

APEX Septic System Treatment

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Through an organic bioremediation process, the active cultures within APEX Septic System Treatment use the residual oil, grease, fat, cellulose, urine and fecal matter as a food source and safely converts the waste material into carbon dioxide and water. By degrading the residual waste material naturally, you are keeping your home environment a safe and happier place by eliminating waste material that causes unwanted odors and clogs.

Directions for use: Pour 10 ounces of Apex Septic System Treatment into your kitchen sink drain and follow with some warm water. Use Apex Septic System Treatment every month to maintain a healthy drain line and septic system.

How it works:

The active cultures use the oil, fat, and grease in the drain line and septic system as a food source to create energy and populate. During the digestion process natural enzymes are continually produced by the active cultures which aid in further breaking apart the effluents. A benefit to Apex Septic System Treatment is that you are essentially creating a waste digestion factory within your septic tank with enzyme producing active cultures. Within hours billions and billions of active cultures will start to consume the waste material found in the septic system into safe carbon dioxide and water.

People most often will use a DIY product to reduce the number of septic tank pumping's and cleanings, but the reality is they increase susceptibility to clogging. After these enzymes break solid waste into smaller particles that natural bacteria would, they make their way to the outlet baffle and settle in the drain field.  

With monthly treatments of Apex Septic System Treatment, your septic tank will be more efficient and productive. 


For customers interested in arranging bulk or pallet orders, please contact us directly at 480.503.2847. Our team is ready to assist you with customized solutions and pricing to meet your needs.

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