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Bio-Driven Liquid Bacteria Concentrate - Waste Treatment

Bio-Driven Liquid Bacteria Concentrate - Waste Treatment

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BioDriven WT is a synergistic blend of all natural bacteria chosen for their accelerated ability to metabolize organic oil, fat, and grease.

The organisms in BioDriven WT are classified as BioSafety Level 1 organisms, the safest rating. Additionally these organisms are:

  • Naturally occurring - Natural bacteria endemic to earth, not genetically modified

  • Non-Pathogenic - Does not cause disease

  • Non-Opportunistic - Will not cause disease in a compromised host

Features and Benefits:

  • For use in soil, water (salt, brine, fresh) and flowing oil water separators

  • Degrades hydrocarbons into CO2 and H2O

  • Digests short and long chain hydrocarbons

  • Eliminates waste

  • Reduces pumping and maintenance

  • Safe, Natural, Biodegradable

Available in liquid and tablet form

Bioremediation is best accomplished with bio-augmentation, the addition of large numbers of selected petrophilic (oil-loving) microorganisms grown in the production laboratory. In addition to bio-augmentation several physical and Chemical parameters must be controlled in order to obtain optimal growth and maximum degradation of contaminants.

The major factors to control successful bioremediation are:

  • Microbial population

  • Nutrient concentrations

  • Oxygen supply

  • Moisture content

Temperature Requirements:

  • Working range: 5C/41F- 45C/113F

  • Optimum: 28C/82F

pH Requirements:

  • Working range: 6.5-8.5

  • Optimum 7.2

BioDriven WT is a highly concentrated blend of natural hydrocarbon digesting bacteria.


  • Organic oil, fat and grease

  • Drain-line build-up in food wastewater lines

  • Foul odors in drain-lines and sumps

  • Separator Pumping and Line Cleaning

For Us In:

  • Soil and Water Bioremediation

  • Oil/Water Separators

One bottle dilutes to make 55-gallons of finished product

**Do not mix with alcohol

For Best Results:

  • Keep Refrigerated

  • Shake well prior to use

  • Use within 6-months of purchase



For customers interested in arranging bulk or pallet orders, please contact us directly at 480.503.2847. Our team is ready to assist you with customized solutions and pricing to meet your needs.

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